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Faith-Based Life Coaching that Guides You to Your Goals!

Are You Ready to Trust God & Chase Your Goals?

Val Daye, Certified Coach helps clients achieve personal goals even when life is busy
Coach Val Daye
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It's Not How You Spend Your Time,

It's How Your Spend Your Energy

Discover a practical, repeatable process for reaching every goal at your own pace, on your own timeline

Our Premiere Coaching Program

  • 5 Online modules with strategies for success

  • 20-page Guided Workbook

  • Inspirational Videos to push your progress

  • Live Weekly Group Coaching

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5 Steps to Chasing Your Goals Without Guilt or Excuses

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed

Proverbs 16:3

Busy Mom making room for goal-setting
We help womwn of all generations to achieve their goals
Our life coaching supports empty nesters and women with families
Businesswoman looking for a career change or looking to write a book or start a business
Val Daye Certified Christian Life Coach who helps clients reach their goals when life is busy

My Story is Our Story

If you can relate to being blessed with a decent life while still experiencing frustration over not having the time to pursue your personal goals, join the club. That's my story. I trusted God but struggled for years wondering if I would ever be able to do some of the things that I dreamed of, just for me.  


Then I realized that if I was feeling this way so were many others, and I decided to do something about it...WELCOME to Dayelight Coaching where we offer faith based life coaching to help you reach your goals in spite of your busy life!

Val Daye

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